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Secondary School Parent

After the Study Skills Workshop, my son came home more confident that he was capable of doing the  study plan. I'm also more aware now of how to help him now after the Parents Session

Interview Coaching Client

The interview went brilliant and  all thanks to you. They asked me all the questions you asked last night. I feel great after it.

Career Coaching Client

Many thanks for the help and encouragement. You made a great job of my CV and  I'm sending it out now.

Career Coaching Client

Totally got the job, they said I did an excellent interview, so cannot thank you enough.

Study Skills Parent

Found everything very helpful. Explaining how they study and how to be helpful to them in a positive way and also how to keep the peace

Career Coaching Client

Thanks for the CV. I feel better about it straight away and the profile is perfect - I'd never have come up with that myself

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